People are increasingly aware of the need to take urgent steps to reduce the causes of global warming.  At the same time, the cost of energy is increasing and there is a greater demand on global resources which reinforces the argument for investing in sustainable green technology.

Our practice is conscious of the role we can play in setting an example by designing extremely energy efficient houses and sustainable buildings which aim to address these global issues.

Low / zero carbon houses

For the last few years we have been designing houses which have met the government’s original target for Low Carbon Homes.  We aim to demonstrate that this target can be achieved economically without significant additional costs.

Sullivan Report 2013 update

Energy efficient design approach

We believe that the primary approach to energy efficient design is a passive one using Passive House standard to a large extent in the following ways:

  1. Orientation / passive solar gain
  2. Super insulating the walls, floor and roof
  3. Using advanced window technology with triple glazing
  4. Increased air tightness
  5. Good thermal mass to retain heat
  6. A whole house heat recovery ventilation system with high level air filtration
  7. Space heating using renewable technology
  8. Renewable energy power generation

An energy efficient house, or Passive House, not only means less impact on the environment by decreasing the impact on global warming but also gives a better quality of life with fresh, clean air, a consistent internal temperature, a more open living space with under-floor heating and a massively reduced running cost.